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Thank you, Somnolence+, for teaching me how to optimize my potential through sleep!
- Oscar Rivas, 2021 World Boxing Council (WBC) Bridgerweight Boxing Champion

Somnolence+ and their team of sleep experts instructed me on how to sleep to be at my best in my quest to become a world champion. The change in my dreams and my performance was incredible. I recommend that anyone looking to achieve peak performance look at their own sleep wellness and look no further than Somnolence + for sleep coaching!

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Case Studies

Somnolence+ at Simon Fraser University

To design professional development for Simon Fraser University's Student Learning Commons, Health Promotion, and Student Engagement & Retention, Somnolence+ conducted...

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Somnolence+ and Hacking Health

At Somnolence+, not only do we work with organizations to improve performance, we also work to develop innovative solutions through...

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Somnolence+ and mySleepButton

Ongoing research and development is an important part of Somnolence+. For instance, Dr. Luc Beaudoin's research on how cognitive science...

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