About Us


Somnolence+ ™ (Somnolence + Inc.) brings together professionals and experts from diverse fields to develop programs, applications, and services designed to support your sleep wellness needs, whether that be as a community organization; a business; an educational institution; or an individual seeking to learn more about how to manage sleep.

Who are we?

Sheryl Guloy, PhD, is a learning scientist, researcher, educator, and consultant in improving learning and performance through innovative research, development, and technology. She works with other researchers, organizations, and networks on knowledge translation efforts. More simply put, she works to get the latest research into programs, services, and technology so that more people can get better sleep. Her interest in sleep began with her own sleep troubles and her realization that she is a true night owl. Through Somnolence+, she aims to make sure that more people know about their own sleep and have strategies and tools to help them sleep well.

Dr. Luc P. Beaudoin  is co-founder of CogSci Apps, which developed mySleepButton®, the goal of which is to facilitate sleep.  He is also the author of two Cognitive Productivity books. After successfully warding off his own bouts of insomnia, he delved developed a concept regarding somnolence (“sleepiness”), which forms the foundation for the methods and app he has developed that aims to help people fall sleep.

Arturo Santisteban, PhD, is a sleep scientist and educator researching how sleep affects performance during the day. While pursuing his medical degree, he personally felt the negative effects of chronic short sleep that result from a busy and stressful career. This inspired him to dedicate himself to promoting healthy sleep.

Mayra Lazo, MD, has over ten years of clinical experience as a psychiatrist, specializing in sleep disorders as well as addiction counselling. As a professor at the Mexican Academy of Sleep Disorders and the National Institute of Psychiatry, she provided training on sleep health and the treatment of sleep disorders. She is committed to bringing about increased awareness of the importance of sleep and facilitating understanding on how sleep deprivation impacts our daily life. She is married to a sleepwalker.

Natasha Hayden, DC, received her Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, USA and has an honours degree in chemical biology from Thompson Rivers University. She is passionate about providing her patients with the skills necessary to overcome their injuries and achieve optimal health, which includes their knowing about how good sleep contributes to improved health outcomes. As such, she believes in greater sleep education for clinicians and health and wellness practitioners.

Christian Garde has a background in business development and a keen interest in new technologies. He believes that collaboration in technological innovation will contribute to improved sleep wellness and greater public health.

Jean Claude Dulièpre brings 30 years of experience as a marketing consultant to Somnolence+. He believes in the power of events to bring awareness of sleep wellness to communities, organizations, and individuals.

Gordon Gow (Business Mentor) has extensive business experience, ranging from large corporations to start-up enterprises at both operational management and board levels. He has a successful track record of launching companies as well as building and coaching strong management teams. The Somnolence+ team is proud to have Gordon Gow as our business mentor.

Our respective work has been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, International Business Times, Popular Science, Forbes, CBC, CTVGlobal News, among others, and our research has appeared in various peer-reviewed research conferences and journals. The Somnolence+ Initiative has developed programs and conducted training and workshops at universities and organizations across Canada. Working as a strategic alliance with our partners, we have the combined expertise in sleep innovation, research and development, organizational wellness, training, and performance improvement. Together, we provide sound consultation on sleep management and wellness because helping you to sleep soundly is our mission.